20 Ways to Live Artfully Without Religion

What an artful life looks like of course varies from person to person, but I found it helpful to listwhat I wanted my life to look like, especially as a person who formally looked for much of herdirection within religion. I made my list, and since then have tweaked it and fleshed itout. Feel free […]

Moral Development Through a Secular Lens

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A common question that secular humanists are asked is “where do you get your morals from”? This is often in response to someone saying they do not necessarily rely upon a holy text for acquisition of their morals. On a macro societal level, our development is the result of tens of millions of years of […]


If Nothing is Sacred If there’s a word I miss from my religious life it’s “sacred.” In my religious upbringing, God was the answer to every human need and every human joy. So when I left religion, it took some untangling to see that transcendence wasn’t something I had given up when I walked away […]