Help our Candidates/Elected Officials

  • Focus your time/energy/money on our Endorsement List!
    • Recurring monthly donations help a lot.
    • Volunteer time: postcards, phone banking, text messages.
    • Spread the word - social media, word of mouth.
    • *Become paid staff.
    • *Blockwalking/Canvassing.
  • Follow and share on social media.
  • **BONUS: email one (or all) of our endorsees and let them know that you support them because of Secular Houston’s endorsement.  This helps us out A LOT and gives our whole community “credit.”

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Tell a friend who otherwise wouldn’t vote in elections.

Become a VDVR.

Tabling events.

Download the REACH app — GOTV via text messaging.

Transportation — RideShare2Vote, offer rides to the polls.

Share your voting plans on social media — your enthusiasm can be more inspiring than you think.

Know who your state rep/senator is.

Follow and share your rep(s) on social media.

Email/Call/Visit your state rep, let them know that you exist.

Share Secular Houston’s posts.

Involve yourself in various organizations that are politically active.

Search out orgs that align with your views.

Become a precinct chair — DEM     REP

Become a poll watcher/worker.

Run for office. (We can help with this!)