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No matter how you identify, belief or non-belief wise, even if you’re religious, as long as you cherish the ideals of church and state separation (see Secularist), this is your site.

The purpose of Secular Houston is two-fold: an informative landing spot for all things non-believe as well as a platform for secular political activism.


Secularists advocate for the separation of religion and state, believing that society should be based on reason and scientific principles rather than religious influence. They value individual freedoms, equality, human rights, and social justice. Rejection of religious beliefs is not a requirement to identify as a secularist.

Does not believe in a god or gods.

Belives that you can’t know for sure whether this a god or gods, or not.

A Secular Humanist values reason, ethics, justice, and human dignity while rejecting superstition and dogma. They believe in creating meaning and purpose in their lives and in a world that respects the rights and dignity of all individuals.

Sceptics challenge unproven claims with a critical attitude and seek evidence and logic. They do not accept unsubstantiated beliefs and scrutinize topics like paranormal phenomena, alternative medicine, and conspiracy theories. Seeking truth, they require sufficient evidence before accepting claims.